Manufacturer: Acavallo

Stirrup with flexible bench and silicone arch

SKU: AC626

Flexia S Stirrup with flexible bench and silicone arch to ensure easy release of the foot in case of a fall.

  • Ergonomic support surface thanks to its elliptical shape, designed for better support of the foot sole
  • Maximum grip with the boot
  • Optional stainless steel studs to further increase grip in extreme conditions, such as mud or rain
  • Increased balance of the rider thanks to the flexible tread that constantly follows every movement of the foot or shift of weight
  • Significant reduction of the rider's joint effort, with great benefit for the knees, pelvis and ankles
  • Better distribution of the rider's muscular work, with greater uniformity of efforts
  • Durability of the flexible mechanism guaranteed by the use of high quality raw materials with components from the automotive industry
  • Max. front inclination 11°
  • Max. rear inclination 14°
  • Tread width 12.5cm
  • Right and left arch: manufactured by forging in anticorodal aluminum, hardened T6 state, sandblasted, deburred, CNC drilled and anodized
  • Tread: made by plastic injection molding in black PA6 GF 30, conditioned in water at 90°C
  • Visco elastic elements: NBR material and silicone
  • Flexible right and left arch printed in two-tone antistatic silicone
  • Maximum load: 500kg
  • Weight: 700gr
  • Logo graphics and Acavallo lettering printed in antistatic silicone on the flexible arch

The stirrup has been designed with biomechanical aspects in mind to provide excellent support from a sporting point of view.
The flexible arch made of antistatic silicone allows the stirrup to open in any position, thus preventing the foot from getting stuck.
The bench, with its elliptical surface, provides ergonomic support for the sole of the foot, while at the same time ensuring a high degree of grip with the boot.
Inside the bench is the 'Flex System': a precision mechanism studied over 5 years of research and extensively tested in the field to fine-tune it. The mechanism is made of the highest quality materials and allows the bench to rotate on its horizontal axis, flexing backwards or forwards to constantly follow the position of the rider's foot, immediately giving a sensation never experienced before during sporting activity.
Thanks to the resistance adjustment of the 'Flex System', the energy generated by the horse's movements is released in proportion to its gaits, significantly relieving the rider's joint strain. The effect is immediate relief of the knees and pelvis, along with smoother ankle use.
During the most demanding show jumping sessions, the rear flex is a great ally in taking off and landing from the jump, while the front flex compensates for any forward shifts in the rider's balance.
Sold in pairs.